Seresia believe that financial markets are semi efficient. By blending human experiences and fundamental / A.I. / quantitative /technical tools, Seresia attempt to identify investment opportunities through both beta and alpha. 

On the beta side, we believe that global or regional business cycle is the main driver of returns and volatilities for many asset classes (country, sectors & industries, commodities and forex). By using our tool set, we will be constantly monitor useful correlations (i.e. market opportunities) and use fundament judgments to make the most effective investment decisions. In fact, our approach can be an “Enhanced Smart Beta” portfolio solution.

On the alpha side, we believe that great business ideas and commercial innovations shall always exist regardless of market and economic conditions. In this regard, investment managers’ experience is of paramount importance, Seresia shall periodically gather, filter and interpret and wrangle big market data and search for rewarding investment stories (e.g. small caps). Currently, we remain convinced that China can still offer some best growth stories simply because of its sheer size and the strong growth in China's middle income consumer base.

Risk management is a strong focus. Our approach is to incorporate all the risk protocols into our beta and alpha processes. This is to ensure that risk is not a backward looking exercise and will be always simultaneously considered when making any investment decisions.

In short, Seresia operate a unique blend of active and passive investing under a structured and scientific platform.