Senior Management

Mr. Kam Wah Conrad Cheng (SFC CE no: ACT428)

Mr.Cheng is one of the founders of Seresia and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2018. Prior to Seresia,  Mr. Cheng has had over 28 years of experience in the financial markets. He began his career as an investment actuarial specialist and later became portfolio managers/investment director/CIO for a few reputable global and China asset management companies including Schroders, Fidelity, State Street Global Advisors, Lippo Investments and Bosera. Mr. Cheng investment experiences cover many types of strategies and include both retail and institutional products such as multi-assets balanced funds, smart beta exchange traded funds and traditional equity and bond funds. Mr. Cheng was educated in Australasia where he received a Bachelor of Mathematics/ Anthropology. He also completed his postgraduate degrees in Financial Mathematics (Actuarial Science) and Applied Finance and Investments. Currently he is a Fellow of the Securities Institute of Australia and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission Responsible Officer for Seresia Asset Management.

Mr. Pan Yongxu (SFC CE no. BFP846) 

Mr. Pan is one of the founders of Seresia. He gained more than eleven years of experience in China Equities through a number of reputable financial institutions in China and Korea. Currently, Mr. Pan is the SFC Responsible Officer as well as the Portfolio Manager / Head of Investments at Seresia. Between 2010 to 2014, Mr. Pan spent four years at KB Asset Management in Seoul as an assistant Portfolio Manager for the KBAM Greater China & QFII Strategies. He also spent 2 years at Hanwha Securities where he focused on the fundamental research of China Equities. Subsequently in 2014, Mr. Pan joined Bosera International in Hong Kong/Shenzhen where he employed as the Portfolio Manager and Investment Director and provided specialist services to a range of institutional clients in China and S.E.Asia. Mr. Pan received his Master in Accounting from Yonsei University in Korea.

Investment Team


Seresia believe that investment research should be driven by process and not by individuals’ whims. The financial market is a well mix of fear, greed, truths, lies, rational and irrational tactics adopted by investors of all competency levels. In dealing with such a dynamic market, Seresia aim to identify and understand the drivers of returns for different time frames (short term, medium to long term). For example, what drive equities long term returns? How returns are correlated to economic / secular / demographic trends? How effective are technical analyses for short term gains & losses?


Seresia investment team combine all expertise of the team and use a set of fundamental / A.I. / quantitative tools to identify the true drivers of investment return with the highest probabilistic confidence level. We have in place a sophisticated process and inputs from our team include business cycle and market correlation analysis, factor return model, fundamental analysis, technical and algorithmic trading strategies.