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Seresia Research System


In form of extremely dynamic market, capability of mankind is limited. We understand that our research may not lead us to succeed, but it does help. We hope to improve our understanding of the market through careful observation from different perspectives, and ultimately help improve our valuation capability and reduce wrong trades.

As mentioned above, we have built a highly inclusive research platform. Seresia Research Platform includes not only macroeconomic, investment strategy and fundamental research like major buy-sides, but also quantitative asset allocation, quantitative risk management, investment attribution analysis and other fields. We also have layout frontier areas including AI.

We firmly believe that our research efforts will bring value to our clients, not because we are smarter, but because we are more diligent and focused.

As mentioned above, we intent to observe the market from different angles. Hence, our coverage width is very inclusive. We divide the research contents and boundaries of each study in detail. We think team work is very important for research quality. We have internal communication every day to increase productivity. 


Research Reports

We have a full range of research reports on macroeconomics, investment strategies, asset allocation, industry research, equities, fixed income, etc. We will publish part of our research reports monthly basis which is in line with HK SFC requirements.