Investment Partners

Seresia welcome experienced portfolio managers to join us as “Investment Partners”! Typically, the profile of a Seresia Investment Partner is a veteran in the asset management industry who has plenty of hand-on experience and has a decent track record in managing money for globally renowned and China institutions. Many of our Investment Partners were previously QFII portfolio managers and institutional fund managers of reputable asset management companies.

Investment Partners are committed to work closely with Seresia investment team. At the fundamental level, Investment Partners will receive much support from our analysts who specialize in many companies, industries and sectors securities. At the portfolio level, Seresia’s offer the full range of technical tools (quantitative / factor model / risk metric / attribution…etc.) to help our Investment Partners in managing their client assets in a more structured way.

Investment Partners are a rich source of investment ideas, therefore, we collaborate closely with them with an aim to generate excessive returns. Seresia research team will then be able to tap into the Investment Partners’ expertise and in-depth knowledge of many asset classes and strategies (i.e. both alpha and beta). This joint effort we believe will improve the chance of success in the financial market.