Seresia Asset Management Limited (“Seresia”) was established in 2018 with a vision to become a long term trusted investment partner for Chinese financial institutions, asset owners and gathers as well as high net worth individuals/families. 

Seresia offer mid to small institutions an advanced investment platform for managing their investment portfolios with a mix of quantitative, fundamental and simple A.I. tools. In addition, Seresia will partner with experienced external investment managers and have them formally engaged in our investment process. This expand our assets/securities coverage as and enhance our market insights. We believe this will increase our probability of success to generate investment profits and avoid market traps and pitfalls.

Seresia Asset Management is currently licensed by Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) for Type 4 (Advisory) and Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities (SFC License no. BNI685)


Asset Management—— The aim of Seresia High Income Strategy is to achieve a stable and consistent high income. The Strategy is a multi-asset-all-weather portfolio solution for medium risk investors. Over the long term, we expect this Strategy to achieve moderate capital growth and maintain the value of portfolio assets above inflation. Seresia High Income Strategy is suitable for long term institutional portfolios spanning over many business cycles.  

Advisor—— In form of extremely dynamic market, capability of mankind is limited. We understand that our research may not lead us to succeed, but it does help. We hope to improve our understanding of the market through careful observation from different perspectives, and ultimately help improve our valuation capability and reduce wrong trades. 

Investment Partners—— Seresia welcome experienced portfolio managers to join us as “Investment Partners”! Typically, the profile of a Seresia Investment Partner is a veteran in the asset management industry who has plenty of hand-on experience and has a decent track record in managing money for globally renowned and China institutions. Many of our Investment Partners were previously QFII portfolio managers and institutional fund managers of reputable asset management companies.